Students union ’’ASK”

The Alliance  Students Of Kazakhstan

“The student movement”

The organization’s mission: of students in the field of intellectual, creative, spiritual and innovative potential, creation of conditions for effective implementation.

“Alliance of students of Kazakhstan” (hereinafter – ASC) is the national student movement, the main goal of competition belgin students in public legal, socio-economic and domestic issues, as the creation of independent Kazakhstan, the establishment of key and active members of the organization.

To achieve the goals by performing the following tasks:

Protecting the rights and interests of the students of the country.

The formation and development of patriotism among students.

Forming anti-corruption culture among students.

Development of intellectual potential of the students.

Formation of healthy lifestyle among students.

Improving internal and external interactions ask Jimny.

Ask management structure the organizational structure of the partnership at the level of 5 States:

By state Republican headquarters, ask to ask

City staffs ASC ASC at the regional level

Republican headquarters, reports directly to the city staffs ask

The main projects of the Alliance of Kazakhstan students:

National summer student camp

“The Republican contest” student of the year

Operation “clean session”

“How are you, student?” – the Republican contest”

“How do you eat, student?” – the Republican contest”

“The benefits for students in public transport of Republic of Kazakhstan”




We heartily congratulate all teachers and the public on their professional holiday! Teachers ‘ congratulations on the holiday was a very important task of every person in the year. Because of basselard, glasgard known simple imissed education teacher. Dear, dear teachers and working in this important profession aurtralia thank irgendeine. Being a teacher is very difficult and important because the teacher not only gives knowledge. The teacher prepares the necessary advice asendatud life of the unborn child. In this regard Taraz “Bolashak” students of medical College and expressed the words of gratitude of gratitude to teachers this event congratulated him with the holiday and then your Alliance





“Alliance of students  Kazakhstan”Republican scientific-research works of students took the international scientific-practical conference was held in the city of Shymkent, in this large-scale event was attended by activists of the “Taraz-Bolashak”medical College students actively participated and returnedi certificate.




The international day for the protection of children is, first of all, children’s rights to life, freedom of opinion and religion, education, recreation and leisure, unusual and physical protection, protection of labor exploitation of the need to respect the rights of children, the conditions necessary for the formation of a society of honesty. Children’s day is everything, the purpose of which is to pay attention to the situation of children in the world, always a variety of events held this year, students of «Taraz-Bolashak» medical College,activists came to The orphanage brought a lot of joy to this event congratulated the children.


High, which is above all the interests of the country, inspires the generations that followed greatness, the Church is a special place knew not the elderly if. Every people living in other of individualization, unique properties. Also, one of the features of our people – respect for elders to listen to his words. Day of good and respect deserves the fencing of the head on the Kazakh age, prosperity, word, deed, thorough, deep thoughts, a great many paid. We need to know our own Prosecutor’s office. In the same destiny “Taraz – Bolashak” College of medicine, the activists of the” tell the elderly