Simulation center

Simulation center

According to the concept of medical and pharmaceutical education in Republic of Kazakhstan with the support of the Ministry of Health of the RK (Order of the Minister of HealthRepublic of Kazakhstan from August 23, 2013 No. 485 on the “Concept of the development of medical science till 2020”) in 2016 in the medical college “Taraz-Bolashak” was created a simulation center to improve the quality of learning practical skills of students on interactive, computer dummies and models.

Main goals of simulation center

-introduction in the educational process of innovative practice-oriented simulation training methods;

-organization and maintenance of a high level of development of practical professional skills on phantomsand simulators in accordance with the approved program specialties of technical and professional education;

-increasing the level of practical training of students, the training of a professionally competent specialist who is able and ready to apply his knowledge and practical skills in a critical situation;- creating conditions for the development of students a wide range of competences and firmly fixed practical skills. This includes the development of the ability to make quick decisions and flawlessly perform a number of manipulations or interventions, especially in emergency conditions.

The work of the simulation center is directed to:

  1. Simulation training (elective lessons) on clinical disciplines of students of the 4th year of medical college on development of communicative and professional skills;
  2. Preparation for the passing exams of qualification categories of higher and secondary medical worker.

The main goals of the Simulation Center are:

  • improving the quality of training of young specialists;
  • controlling quality of the work of practicing specialists;
  • reducing the number of professional errors;

The center has the first basic (regional) level and accordingly provides the learning of the following skills:

  • basic – general care;
  • clinical skills;
  • manipulation; 

In Simulation Center the following practical skills are learned

– Providing help in emergency conditions in obstetrics and neonatology;

– Providing help for sudden heard failure;

– Providing first help for injury;

– Proving help for people who got shock;

– Assisting with wounds;

– Assisting with external bleeding;

– Development of parenteral injection techniques;

– Communicative skills in explaining medical manipulations;

-Provision of emergency aid in case of airway obstruction;


Training apparatus

The mannequin of the woman-mother “GAUMARD” allows to practice the following skills.

– intubation;- cardiopulmonary resuscitation;

-ventilation and compression of the chest;

-defibrillation using the real defibrillator;

-injections of difficult palpable veins using a blood simulator;

– palpation of the pulse;- method of Leopold;

-measurement of blood pressure using a real manometer;

– catheterization using a urine simulator;

– carrying out an episiotomy;


Interactive dummy of the newborn “GAUMARD” allows to practice the following skills.

– artificial ventilation of lungs;

– revealing and treatment of arrhythmia; 

-аuscultation of the lungs and heart (no less than 12 pathologies); 

-performance of intubation; – cardiopulmonary resuscitation;

-demonstration of peripheral or central cyanosis in a newborn; 

-umbilical cord.


Prehospital and a basic kit  for improving the skills of emergency care for nurses, doctors of various specialties. Cardiology, therapy, traumatology.

Training pad for injections.

A fully functional hand model for intravenous injections (adult) – allows effective training of medical workers in the skills of intravenous injections.

The model of the hand of a five-year-old child for training the skills of various injections.

It gives an opportunity to evaluate the following skills:

  • intravenous injections;• Puncture of peripheral veins for blood sampling;
  • injection of a venous catheter.

The treatment room is a division of the simulation center, equipped with modern and high-quality equipment.   

Proving help for people who got shock.


Assisting with wounds.


Providing first help for injury.


Providing help for sudden heard failure.



Provision of emergency aid in case of airway obstruction.Conicotomy,tracheostomy.