Medical center TOO of «Medical college «Taraz – Bolashak»


In accordance with license No. 16006418 dated 17th April, 2016 issued by the Health Department of akimat of Zhambyl region for medical activities, a medical center was opened in the “Taraz College” Bolashak “LLP.

              The employees of the medical center provide primary medical and sanitary and outpatient services to the attached population, specialized medical assistance to the adult and children’s population within the framework of guaranteed volume of free medical care.

              The medical center consists of two buildings, in which doctors work more than 15 specialties.

              The medical center is equipped with modern equipment of new technologies (ultrasound, ECG, fluorometer, physiotherapy equipment, etc.).

              The structure of the medical center includes specialized care cabinets, paraclinical (physiotherapeutic, roentgenological, clinico-diagnostic).

              As inpatient assistance to the population, the medical center operates a day hospital for 5 beds. In a day care hospital, treatment is conducted at the current level, according to approved clinical protocols.

              At the medical center there is a youth office, it provides social and psychological assistance.

              Without attaching to the population, paid services are provided according to the approved price list by the specialists of the medical center.

              The certificate №086 / у is issued for the employment of the population and for admission to higher and secondary educational institutions.

               Under the contract with enterprises and organizations, a professional expertise is carried out on a paid basis (preventive and periodic medical examination).

              The working hours of the medical center are from 08:00 to 20:00. SATURDAY FROM 09:00 – 15:00 HOURS. Sunday is a day off.

Address: City Taraz, Pushkina street, 57. Tel. 8 (7262) 51- + 09-91, 43-64