Description and statistics of library servise

In the colledge there is a library with a total area 333,36 sguare metres, places in the reading room are 120. General library fund is 58159, including speciality «Nursing»- 18279. There are 27 books for each student who studies «Nursing».

One of the largest in the world database ( of scientific publications in the field of science, engineering and medicine, humanities and social sciences. Also the protocol of scientific research. The resource is entirely English.

The Maxim Moshkov Library ( is one of the first and most popular Russian-language electronic libraries, it was opened in 1994. Authors and readers supplement the library on a daily basis on a voluntary basis. Service does not take money, you can read everything for free. The only negative – you cannot download the book.

All Tolstoy in one click ( – volunteers from 49 countries of the world created an electronic version of the 90-volume collection of Tolstoy’s works. All books can be downloaded in any convenient format for free. More than 700 works from the classics!

Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky ( – enthusiast Sergey Rubliev decided on one site to collect all the information about the writer. It’s not just the writer’s books (by the way, lifetime editions have been digitized), but also the latest news about screen versions and TV shows, studies, as well as a list of museums and photo archives.

Library TarraNova ( – asks to call itself not an electronic library, but an archive. The site’s management says that the main difference is that all the texts are posted officially, with the consent of the authors. However TarraNova places not only author’s texts, but also translations (with the surnames of translators).

Presidential Library. Yeltsin ( – Digitizes rare books from Russian public libraries and collects them according to thematic collections. Interesting very much. For example, for the Year of Literature, the service compiled a compilation “The Fact and the Image of Russian History in the Works of Russian Writers,” where Ode Derzhavin digitized the journal News for June 1799.

Artifact ( – in the library more than 8 thousand texts. Its advantage is that the books are not only in Russian, but also in 32 other languages ​​of the world. All files are available for download in doc format and others.

Electronic library “Litmir” ( – contains more than 200 000 books. They are convenient to read online, but when you download the site asks to install a special program that scares away many new users. In the “Forum” section on the site there is quite a lively dialogue of users with each other. ( – despite the fact that Litres is an e-book store, something (mostly classics and periodicals) can be taken there free of charge in a special section. ( is an e-book store that also offers a collection of free works in convenient formats in 18 languages.

Project Gutenberg ( is an electronic library that will please fans of reading in foreign languages. More than 46 thousand e-books, the prevailing language is English.

Book FB2 electronic library (, on the pages of which are collected interesting and useful books in the formats fb2, ePUB, txt for a variety of genres. Currently, the library contains 96,000 books and it is replenished.


The Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology ( – on its bookshelf is divided into profile books in PDF format. Sampling professionals are rated as excellent.