With the participation of teachers of the “ cyclic metho  – do logical languages. Social economy”, the opening of the 175 the anniversary of the great Abai on the topic: “Abai – the great personality of humanity.




On January 17-19th of 2019 a sports competition was held among teachers and employees of the medical college “Taraz-Bolashak”, organized by the “Zhalyn” Sports Club, the medical college “Taraz-Bolashak”. The competition was attended by 5 teams. During the three-day competition, the “Opmai-Opmai” team of the educational and methodical association General Professional Disciplines was formed.

Teachers and college staff took an active part in this traditional event. On the first day of the competition, ten athletes competed in sports, demonstrating their strength in volleyball and puzzles.

On the second day, the participants competed in basketball, arm wrestling, darts, chess and checkers. The team “Opmai-Opmai” began to form, consisting of the educational and methodical association “General Professional Disciplines”. The “Red Stars” team as a part of the educational-methodical association “Natural Sciences, Physical Culture and Sports” took the second place, the third place was taken and the “Vitamin” team from the “Medical Center”.

The winning teams were awarded cash prizes and a cup. Organizing a healthy lifestyle, an event dedicated to the development of mass sports will continue.