About college

         LLP «Medical College «Taraz-Bolashak» is a private educational institution of vocational education, having the status of a legal entity, implementing professional educational programs of vocational education.

              College «Bolashak» began its work in the professional and humanitarian specialty on the order No. 353 on 23th April, in 2004 by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic Kazakhstan.

           On the basis of Order No. 239 of 19.04.2010, the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic Kazakhstan and the Administration of Education of the Akimat of Zhambyl Region, the Bolashak Professional College of Humanities, issued a state license for the AB series

No. 0048235 in the following specialties:

0301000- Medical matter

0302000- Nursing

0303000- Hygiene and epidemiology

           Since 26.11.2010 under the order No. 832 of the Administration of Education of Akimat of Zhambyl Region, the professional-humanitarian college «Bolashak» was renamed to «Taraz College «Bolashak» LLP, the name of specialties, encryption was renamed, the state license and annex were changed .

               The Department of Control in the Education System of Zhambyl Region since 25th  July, 2013, under Order No. 390, in addition to the license, specialty 0305000 – «Laboratory Diagnostics» was issued. From 11.10.2017 the college was renamed to the LLP «Medical college «Taraz-Bolashak».

               The college is located at: Taraz, Pushkin street, 57, phone: 8 (727) 243-16-58, web site: www.tarazbolashak.kz, e-mail: col_bolashak@mail.ru.

               The form of ownership is private.

               The main activity is educational.

               Director of LLP «Мedical college «Taraz-Bolashak» Askarov Pernebay Abdutuly, is a leader in the implementation of the mission and strategy, provides employees with the support and  with necessary resources. The logical result of the chosen strategy and policy of the college leadership was the recognition and strengthening of its positions among the medical colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

               The college, being an open socio-economic system, functions in a dynamic environment. His survival, effective results are possible only on the condition of internal integration and harmonization of processes, rational management of the college, on the one hand, and adaptation to the requirements of the external environment, on the other.

            The development and adoption of a decision is a key procedure in the activity of the heads of structural subdivisions, which determines the whole further course of the management process, especially the final result of management activity and the state of the college.

              The strategic planning process is a tool that helps to make long-term decisions in the face of uncertain future development and the impact of the external environment. Its task is to provide innovations and organizational changes in sufficient volume to adequately respond to changes in the external environment.

           In the LLP «Мedical college «Taraz-Bolashak» strategic decisions are made by the heads of various structural divisions, which in the linear-functional structure of management are managers of the second level. The main task of the leaders is to ensure the coordination of the activities of the functional services with the aim of achieving high final results in achieving strategic goals.

          The college in the implementation of the strategy for the next five years seeks to strengthen its market position by improving the quality of educational services demanded in the labor market, meeting practical health needs, strengthening the internal environment of the college.

            The program of modernization of the Kazakh education, including medical, raises the problem of updating the content, methods and forms of work with students. The task of forming key competencies of the future specialist dictates a new approach to the organization, content and technologies of the educational process.