for the students of “Taraz-Bolashak” medical college



The Guidance gives s the general rules for the study, the form and methods of organization of the educational process of technical and vocational training, the information on structural divisions of the college, as well as the general requirements for students, their rights and responsibilities.

The Guidance was worked out to the students of the 1st  course and includes college location map, number of public transport routes, schedule of breaks, information about classrooms, cabinets and  academic staff, college requisites, general information about the college and its internal regulations.

It also provides information about students’ rights and responsibilities. This guide is useful for helping group curators to adapt his students to college life  and work out curriculum plan.




  • The National Anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Keynote speech of the college director
  • College Mission
  • College structure
  • Information about the college administration
  • Academic vacation rules
  • Procedure for payment
  • Students’ room
  • Standards of the students’ clothes
  • Objectives and responsibilities of the students’ parents
  • Organization of the educational processs
  • Transition, readmission procedure
  • Organization of practical training
  • Psychological service
  • General rules of library use
  • Working order of the medical center
  • Our students life
  • Anthem of “Taraz-Bolashak” medical college


Сөзін жазғандар: – Нұрсұлтан Назарбаев

                                    Жұмекен Нәжімеденов,

   Әнін жазған – Шәмші Қалдаяқов


Алтын күн аспаны,
Алтын дән даласы,
Ерліктің дастаны,
Еліме қарашы!
Ежелден ер деген,
Даңқымыз шықты ғой.
Намысын бермеген,
Қазағым мықты ғой!


Менің елім, менің елім,
Гүлің болып егілемін,
Жырың болып төгілемін, елім!
Туған жерім менің – Қазақстаным!

Ұрпаққа жол ашқан,
Кең байтақ жерім бар.
Бірлігі жарасқан,
Тәуелсіз елім бар.
Қарсы алған уақытты,
Мәңгілік досындай.
Біздің ел бақытты,
Біздің ел осындай!


Менің елім, менің елім,
Гүлің болып егілемін,
Жырың болып төгілемін, елім!
Туған жерім менің – Қазақстаным!





Dear Students!

In all civilized countries, based on continuous quality improvement the medical workers have become an important part of the health care system,. The types, quality and appearance of new medical services require high level of knowledge. That is why, the pedagogical staff has created this guidance for you to simplify your adaptation to our college and to improve the quality of teaching subjects.

The instruction manual will guide you in the selection of the college, the learning process, the areas of creative and scientific research. Let me congratulate you with the start of the school year and wish you all the strength to earn professional news and new learning achievements!

The instruction manual will guide you in the selection of creative and scientific research work at our college. Let me congratulate you with the start of the school year and wish you all the strength to get professional knowledge and new learning achievements!

With the best regards,


of the college Askarov P.A.


Колледж миссиясы: Білім беру үрдісіне сай бәсекеге қабілетті кәсіби құзыретті маман дайындау.

Көрініс: Бәсекеге қабілетті кәсіби құзыретті маман дайындайтын алдыңғы қатарлы колледждер қатарына ену.

Миссия колледжа: Подготовка профессионально-компетентных и конкурентноспособных специалистов в соответствии с образовательным процессом.

Видение: Войти в число первых конкурентноспособных колледжей в подготовке профессиональных специалистов.

Mission of college: Competitive professional and competent specialist training with the educational process.

Vision: competitive professional and competent specialist training with the educational process. Also penetrate one of the first row colleges in hight categories.

College Structure




Administrative management structure Name Internal number
Director Askarov P.A. 450034
Deputy Director for Finance Eralieva B.B. 103
Deputy Director for methodical and educational work Zheksembinova A.K. 116
Deputy Director on Practice Trumova D.A. 109
Deputy director on up-brining work Madomarova A.Zh. 110
Head of Personnel Department Kazbekova D.S. 121
Head of the Student Department Begdildayeva S.T. 119
Chief Accountant Ibraimova N.A. 115
Cashier Bektayeva Zh.P. 122
Accountant Baitoreeva U.E. 115
Accountant (medical center) Kuanbaeva M.Zh. 115
Secretary Abdrakhmanova A.B. 431658
Head of the 1st Medical Specialties department Doskulov O.N. 512042
Head of the 2nd Medical Specialties» Department Saurbaev T.K. 117
Head of the Medical Evening Department Akkuzova K.B. 104
Head of ITC Shohay A.A.  
Head of the economic part Kosanov D.S.  
Head of archive Kakeeva G.S.  
Head of QMS Boliulieva ZH.K.  
Department leaders    
Head of Natural Sciences Department Beksikova G.N. 107
Head of Social and Economic Disciplines  Department Kazakhbayeva Z.K.  
Head of “Language, Military trainingand Physical Education”Department Beisenbekova A.K.  
Head ofGeneral Medicine” Department Tattibayeva Zh.B. 105
Head of Medical Specialties Department Zharylkasynova S.K.  
Head of the teaching  department Zhamgirbaeva М.А. 113
Methodist Zhylysbaeva R.K. 112
Specialist on offenses Nuralieva I.A. 110
Psychologist Zhaksygulova F.G. 110
Senior laboratory assistant Muzaparova G.A.  
Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee Zhusanbaev B.E.  
Nurse of the medical center Zhanibekova K. 436468
Librarian Baibosynova Zh. 436411
Security Kuzbakov O.Zh. 124
Dormitory Commandant Djamankulova K.B.  
PR manager Gerinkov I.  


Academic vacation is the period for students to stop their studies.

The order of academic vacation is made according to the order of Acting Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan from December 4, 2014 № 506.

In order to prepare for the academic leave, the student makes a statement to the director of the college by submitting the documents.

The academic vacation is provided on the following basis:

  1. The decision of the medical-advisory commission of the out-patient-polyclinic organization for the period from 6 to 12 months;
  2. The decision of the medical-advisory commission of an antituberculous organization in the case of tuberculosis for up to 36 months;
  3. Invitation to military service;
  4. Birth of a child, adoption, at the age of 3 years.

Upon leaving the academic vacation, the student applies to the director of the college and provides a certificate from the healthcare organization’s medical consultation committee that examines the patient’s conclusion on the possibility of continuing education on this specialty during the academic vacation due to illness.

On the basis of the submitted documents and the decision of the directorate, the order is issued within 3 working days, indicating the departure of the student from the academic leave, the specialty, course, group. Based on the documents presented by the college director, the difference in disciplines in the curriculum is determined by the course and approved the individual curriculum of the students in coordination with the department of education that regulates the history of all the academic achievements of students.

When returning from the academic leave, the student continues his education on the same course.



Students of medical college “Taraz-Bolashak” can pay all payments for educational services on the basis of bilateral agreements with banks in Taraz and other regions of the country, upon completion of training, with payment of all original payment documents confirming payment.

Based on a bilateral agreement, the payment for educational services does not change until the completion of the full course of study.

Schedule of payment for study

Payment Payment period In percentage
1 The first payment Until September 15th 15
2 The second payment Until December 15th 35
3 The third payment Until April 15th 20
4 The last payment Until May 15th 30


College requisites

TRN 211500216037

BIN 031140001059

IIC KZ 12914142203 KZ 00054 КБЕ 17


BIK SB Sberbank JSC


Students’ Room is situated

on the 2nd floor of the college

building (room №  204),

hours of work:

from 8.30 till 18.00

Taraz-Bolashak college



The garment standard of a student of medical college “Taraz-Bolashak” is a medical gown. The medical dressing gown should be clean and ironing, with a length less than 10 cm in the knee and should not sprout more than the knee. Halftone button should be inserted. At the same time, ordinary color surgical suits, which completely cover the student’s daily wear are allowed. Student must have a badge with a surname, name, patronymic name. Students should take good care of their own hygienic rules. Students’ face, hands and hair should be clean and neat. Girls are not allowed to go to college by rinsing their hair. Students’ nails are clean and short. Girls can paint their nails in colorless or not bright colors. Students are encouraged to use perfume remedies and deodorant. Make-ups should be light and natural. The students should not use artificial nails and artificial lashes and it is forbidden to place piercings and tattoos on the visible body.

The student’s daily wear should be clean and ironing. Girls are not allowed to wear short skirts, short trousers and open blouses in college. Men are not allowed to come to the college with short trousers and shirts for sport. Students’ shoes should be clean all day long. Students are not allowed to walk openly with religious signs, such as a mask, a cross, a hijab, and so on. Jewelry is only allowed for marriage rings and small earrings. A student who is inconsistent with this standard should not be recruited and disciplinary action and preventive measures are applied to the student. Leaders of the pre-production practice and educational-production practice can claim the appearance of the student and must be accomplished inevitably.



Parents are responsible for the child’s behavior and upbringing during and out of the classroom. If a student has administrative or other rights, the parent should inform the team leader, the college administration.

According to Article 127 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

Failure by parents or their substitutes to carry out their duties on teaching and educating underage children without good reason shall entail warning or fine in the amount of up to ten monthly calculation indices.

According to article 440 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of    Kazakhstan:

1.Drinking alcoholic drinks in streets, stadiums, gardens, parks, public transport and other public places, except for trade and public catering organizations, permitted by the local executive body for sale of alcoholic drinks, or drinking alcohol in public places, which undermines human dignity and public morals. (Entails a fine in the amount of two monthly calculation indices).

  1. 2. Persons entering the public places in the state of intoxication, as well as drinking alcoholic drinks in public places (entails a fine for parents or persons replacing them with a penalty at the rate of one monthly calculation indemnity).

The same acts committed by an administrative penalty twice for one year for alcoholic drinks or alcohol intoxication provided for in the first part of this article, shall be punished by a fine in the amount of two to five monthly calculation indices, and in exceptional cases if the circumstances of the case and taking into account the identity of the perpetrator, these measures shall be subject to administrative arrest for up to fifteen days, if such measures are deemed insufficient.

According to Article 441 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

1.Individuals who violate the smoking ban in certain public places shall be penalized in the amount of one monthly calculation index.

2.Aggravation of juveniles under 16 years of age in public places, as well as drinking alcoholic drinks, entails a fine for parents or persons replacing them with a fine in the amount of up to a monthly calculation index.

According to Article 442 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

The presence of juvenile detainees at noon, at noon, from 2am to 6am, may lead to   parental liability for administrative offenses. Individuals who are not accompanied by their representatives may be brought to administrative responsibility from 23.00 to 6.00 am outside of the premises.

Medical center is situated

on the 1nd floor of the college

building (room №  116),

hours of work:

from 8.30 till 18.00

Student buffet has delicious food

with available prices.

Working hours:

Monday – Saturday 9.00 – 18:00


We support a healthy lifestyle!

Dear student, you made the right choice.

We will be a reliable partner during the study!


                 The educational process in the medical college “Taraz-Bolashak” is carried out for the purpose of realization of accepted educational programs of professional training, studying and disciplines. The curriculum and sequence duration of each curriculum carried out in the college is determined by the Pedagogical Council and signed by the college director carried out by curricula, curriculum and schedules.

25-30 people study in one group of the college. In order to organize the life of the group, curators are appointed by the order of the director of the college.

The educational process in college starts on September 1 and ends at on the 5th of July. The duration of leave in the academic year is not less than 8 weeks.

The students’ academic year is divided into two semesters: autumn and spring, each ends with a test and examination session.

The curriculum consists of cycle disciplines corresponding to EMC:

“General professional disciplines”;

“Information and communication disciplines”;

“Special disciplines”;

“Natural Sciences”;

“Language, Military trainingand Physical Education”;

“Social and Economic Disciplines”..

The training week in college is  6-days, the implementation of accepted educational programs is regulated by the agenda of the college and the timetable.                 


Replacement procedure is carried out according to the Order of the Minister of Education

of the  Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 20th 2015 №19.

  1. Students may switch from one education organization to another, from one specialty to another in the academic year (and, if necessary), during the summer and winter holidays. The transfer is carried out by the order of the college director.

Students wishing to transfer to another college apply for a transfer to the director of the college they are studying and apply to the head of college who is interested in getting a written consent to change.

When a parent or legal representative of juvenile students moves to another place of residence, they can be transferred to another institution during the school year by submitting identity documents at the expense of their parent or legal representative.

Those who have previously studied in College II can be re-admitted to the previous college or other institution. The prerequisite for re-admission is that students complete one semester and the recusation question is considered on the basis of their own request.

Re-admission of a student is allowed after the end of the semester:

  1. If a student who has been dismissed on a paid basis for a non-payment of a tuition during the   semester is discharged from the educational institution for a period of four weeks from the date of  dismissal, and in case of submission by the educational organization of a document confirming payment of a debt, re-read.
  2. If there are appropriate training groups for courses and specialties.
  3. It is allowed in the reference book (or the student’s student’s record book) to complete the study, if the difference of the working curriculum of the receiving educational organization from the list of academic disciplines exceeds four academic disciplines.
  4. Differences between working curriculum disciplines and hours of study are determined by the deputy head of the educational organization for educational work. The order and timing of elimination of discrepancies in the disciplines of the curriculum is established by the order of the head of the educational organization.
  5. The student who has previously studied for the course of study returns to the head of the educational organization expressing his desire to continue his / her education, with a reference to the application for re-admission. On the basis of this statement, the head of the educational organization determines the course and disciplines, for a period of two weeks from the date of submission of the application for reinstatement.


Conducting professional practice of the student to ensure quality of training of specialists is a mandatory requirement of the State obligatory standard of secondary medical education and an integral part of the college curriculum.

Practical training of college students is carried out in order to deepen knowledge acquired during the theoretical training of the necessary practical skills and knowledge on chosen professions, with their future work activity.

In order to plan, organize and conduct professional practice, you need to:

* Completeness of preparation of specialists on performance of basic labor functions.

* Theoretical learning experience.

* Moving from one type of experience to another based on consistency, skills and complexity in

learning  skills.


Social and psychological center

 Social-psychological service operates in our college. Social and psychological service is aimed at providing psychological and pedagogical conditions for the psychological and personal development of students, support of a positive psychological climate in the collegiate team, complex psychological assistance to all subjects of the educational process. plays.

The purpose of the teacher-psychologist:

– Psychological and pedagogical assistance to students in the educational process, increase of psychological protection of students, formation of socially adapted graduates demanded on the labor market;

– Providing a socio-psychological environment for the maximum disclosure of the individual potential of each subject, the conditions for improving the quality of the college teaching process;

Form of work:

– group work with students;

– individual work with the students;

– Working with the team leader;

work with parents (including parent meeting)

  Methods of work:


– psychological and pedagogical control;

– testing;

– social and psychological training;

– psychological games and exercises;


The teacher-psychologist can address the following questions:

-There are difficulties.

– Interact in the group.

– Interaction with parents.

– The way of life.

Self-management and development.

  Psychologist is a person who knows the technology of developing different qualities, skills

  and shares with you the same technology.

There is a trust box in college foyer and dormitory

Hotline number: 450034



The library is a great place for students and teachers to conduct literary studies. The Library of the College has scientific, educational, reference literature, regulatory documents, printed publications and CD-ROM tutorials for all fields of knowledge.

  • It is done by showing the reader’s registration certificate at the library.
  • In case of loss or damage to readers, readers will be replaced by the books of the same subject, which is equivalent to the position of the librarian, and in case of replacement they will pay 3 times the price of the market price through special documents.
  • Getting the textbooks is based on the registration form on the flyer.
  • The textbooks that are received in the reading room should be read by 17:00 hours.
  • Textbooks are not allowed to be scratched or plucked.
  • Medical and other journals are provided only in the reading room.
  • Access to the library in the outer garment is not allowed.
  • The food is forbidden in the reading room.
  • In the library, readers should keep quiet.

                                                           Working hours of the library:

Everyday – from 9.00 till 19.00

Saturdays – from 9.00 to 15.00

Sunday is a weekend


One of the important activities of the medical center is to maintain and strengthen the health of teachers, staff and students.

Organization and carrying out preventive, sanitary and anti-epidemic measures among college students

  • Conduct regular medical supervision over sanitary and hygienic conditions and to keep

the premises and equipment clean, to comply with the personal hygiene

requirements of students and staff.

  • Prophylactic, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation, correctional assistance to students.

Medical cabinet’s schedule

NO. Hours Working hours
1 Monday 9.00 to 18.00
2 Tuesday 9.00-18.00
3 Wednesday 9.00 to 18.00
4 Thursday 9.00 to 18.00
5 Friday 9.00-18.00
6 Saturday 9.00-18.00

Our student life

There is a Student Council in the medical college “Taraz-Bolashak”, any student can act as a member of the council and be a member of the council.

The Student Council is a public association of college students that is a voluntary, self-directed, non-profit, student-centered initiative initiated by college students. All decisions of the Student Council are obligatory for the students of Medical College “Taraz-Bolashak”.

The Student Council is elected every two years by a majority vote of the President. The official ceremony of the College President is held on the national holidays or on the prominent days. College students have the opportunity to participate in professional competitions, on various themes, interesting performances, various meetings, roundtables, debates, festive concerts.

The Student’s life of “Taraz-Bolashak” college students – interesting moments, interesting lessons with favorite teachers. The college has the opportunity to participate in professional competitions, educational hours on various topics, interesting performances, various meetings, roundtables, debates, festive concerts.

  1. Organization of training sessions:

* The educational process is normally 36-54 hours per week;

* the beginning and end of the lesson are as follows:

          First shift: 8.00-13.05

          Second shift: 13.15-18.15

Duration of the theoretical training is 90 minutes, 180 minutes for practical lessons, 5-10 minutes breaks between classes, the beginning and end of the lesson are announced by call.

Outside of the classroom, the academic hour is 45 minutes.

  1. It is prohibited in college:

* Smoking and drinking alcohol, drugs and psychotropic drugs.

* wearing outerwear and headgear.

* Speak and laugh at the college walls.

* Do not drop college property and laboratory equipment out of the

study classrooms and outside the college.

* Do not smuggle items outside the college to the life and health of people.

* bringing things that threaten the lives and health of people

in the college’s territory.

* use mobile communication and other electronic devices without

the teacher’s permission during lessons.

* Video capture and audio recording without the teacher’s permission.



Authors: Amre Zhalgas student of EMC-21-16 group


  1. White gowns are tough,

Help us all

Future Growth,

In college fashion

We are high in knowledge.


How hot is my college to myself

We met with the Hippocratic Teacher

We bring a hymn to college

Our song is blue sky

Looping hips and hills

We take the oath.

I am my orange college

You had a dream

Students hoped,

Let’s have a dream come true


How hot is my college to myself

We met with the Hippocratic Teacher

We bring a hymn to college

Our song is blue sky

Looping hips and hills

We take the oath.